Due to the a vast range of Accessories available from stock, as well as the thousands of products available via special order, we are unable to put them all onto our site.

Please find a basic guide on some of the accessories that we have and feel free to contact us or pop in to learn more about our ranges.


With modern led technology cycle lights are getting brighter and smaller.


If you require a basic "only to be seen" LED or a full on 2000 lumin off road light we have it covered in our range. 


Cycle computers can revolutionise your cycling experienceFrom a basic five function computer for the how far and how fast customer through heart rate monitors and cadence for the sport and racing cyclist we stock a range to suit your individual requirements.Drop in for a chat about what a cycle computer can do to enhance or improve your cycling experience.

Bike Storage

We have a good range of bike storage solutions to help you make the most of your space and protect your cycle from damage.

From basic ceiling hooks through wheel stands to wall mounted racks we can advise you as to the best storage solutions for your space.

Home Trainers

Home trainers suit many people for varied reasons particularly in the winter months.

Convenience of not getting kitted up to go out on dark winters nights, a quick training or fitness session before work, a good alternative the having an unsightly exercise bike in the house, small and easily stored these trainers come in two main styles turbo trainers & rollers.

Call in for advice on which one suits your requirements.



A quintessential part of growing up is riding a bike, the memories of the bike we got for Christmas or a birthday stay with us forever.

Often the bell is more important than the bike in a child’s eyes so we stock a great range of children’s accessories to make the perfect gift even better.

Baskets, bells, horns, sirens, streamers, helmets, arm and knee pads,  gloves, mitts and dolly seats are just the start of making a child’s dream bike a reality.

Bike Spares

We carry a massive selection of spares from stock from the daily essentials such as tyres and tubes to the more obscure like Sturmey Archer gear internal pawl springs or hydraulic brake olives.

We also have a comprehensive network of suppliers so if we don’t have the part you require we will try our upmost to obtain it for you.

From a basic nut and bolt to full replacement gear system no request is to small.

Tyres & Tubes

A bike tyre is no longer just a bike tyre.

Duel compound high performance, hard wearing and puncture resistant or a mix of both?

Road tyres, off road tyres, duel surface, turbo trainer tyres and even snow tyres?

Folding or wired?

Tubes also have a vast range of choice, basic, thorn resistant, self sealing, ultra light and extra long valves are just a few of the options we offer.

We also keep tubes for wheel barrows.


BMX  “bicycle motocross”

are one of the easiest bikes to customise and personalise.

The range of accessories, upgrades and colours is huge and fast changing as the latest trends change.

We stock a good range of BMX accessories in a range of colours but if we don’t have what you are looking for we will try to order it for you.



Mud Guards

We stock a range of mud guards for a variety of different uses. Off road quick release guards offer a versatile solution and can be quickly moved from one bike to another whilst the classic full length guards are a great addition and provide maximum protection on most city bikes. We have guards specific to different types of fork or frame so if you are unsure or would like more information then come in and see us.


The saddle is incredibly important for obvious reasons, and the right saddle can transform your ride. When shopping for saddles there are a number of different elements to consider: comfort, shape, size and efficiency - you need to ensure that the saddle is comfortable for you, we offer a range of different shapes and sizes, and they can be padded with foam or gel. Men's or Ladies specific saddles with cut-aways can help to relieve uncomfortable pressure when riding. For more information or to see our range just pop in and see us.



As the saying goes there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. So we cater for a huge range of cycle kit from racing to commuting and on or off roading.

Gloves, mitts, water proofs, shirts, shorts, longs, bibs, shoes, over shoes and much more available from stock.

With thousands of miles of cycling experience between us our staff can offer first hand advice on many of our products

Bottles & Cages

Hydration is one of the most important things to consider during sport and having a bottle and holder on your bike is a sure way to ensure you keep hydrated.

Cages come in alloy for strength, plastic for light weight and carbon fibre to combined the two.

Bottles are available in several sizes, stay clean, thermal and pre measured for use with SIS sport supplements.

We also stock Hydration back packs.



We stock a huge range of everyday equipment to make your cycling more enjoyable and practical.

Prop stands to save your paint work and saddle upholstery, Horns to warn other roads users of your presence, Mirrors to keep an eye on the traffic around you and head up handle bar systems for a more up right ride are just a few examples of our product range.


The choice of pedals is vast and varied from a basic pvc replacement, through alloy with steel or cro’mo axles and the latest SPD “Shimano Peddling Dynamics” or Look road pedals in plastic, alloy or carbon, we can advise you of the best system for you cycling requirements.

We also stock Toe clips & straps.


We also stock cycling shoes for both SPD & Look systems.

Grips & Bar Tape

Cycle technology is moving at a rapid pace and the humble handle bar grip is no exception.

We can still offer the basic grip but Gel grips offer more comfort, duel density for extra grip off road, ergo grips for full hand support, foam grips for warmth and built in bar ends for comfort and performance are just a few of the options.

Road bike bar tape is also available in a huge range of colours and comfort through the use of shock absorbent cork.  


Keep at home, on your bike or CO2 we stock pumps for all requirements.

Track pumps are ideal for home use and are available with or without pressure gauge, big volume, high pressure and easy to use, these pumps are also good for air beds, footballs, wheel barrows etc.

Mini pumps are small compact pumps to be fitted to the drinks bottle holder bolts or carried in a bag or cycle shirt pocket, an essential part of your road side maintenance kit.

CO2 pumps are very small, east to carry pumps using CO2 cartridges to inflate your tyre, ideal for racing or cold winter days when you don’t want to waste time or energy pumping your tyres.

Maintenance & Tools

Maintaining your cycle is very important from both safety and to prolong the life of your cycle.

A cycle should be serviced at least one a year which we can do for you but part of the fun of cycling can be looking after your own bike.

We stock a good range of cycle maintenance tools, equipment and consumables so whatever you’re skills we can advise you of a level of maintenance to suit you from basic oiling and cleaning to full servicing.

We stock cleaning equipment such as oil, de greaser, disc brake cleaner, Chain cleaning baths, brushes and disc brake fluid

Work shop stands, chain tools, pedal spanners, crank pullers, chain whips, cassette tools and many more

We also cater for the road side break down with folding multi tools.

Bags & Racks

Touring, commuting, leisure, picnics or just a small bag for your mobile phone we stock a range of bags and racks for all requirements and budgets.

Rear carriers and seat post racks or low gravity front racks are available from stock.

Pannier bags, handlebar bags, Energy bags, wedge bags and frame bags offer a diverse range of carrying options.

Modern mesh and traditional wicker baskets are also available from stock.


Modern cycle helmets are light weight, well vented and comfortable, new adjustment technology ensures a good fit.

We stock basic sports helmets up to carbon fibre wrapped ultra light helmets, BMX “pots” and full face for BMX & downhill, The latest style of commuting helmets are also now in stock.

Children’s helmets are available in vibrant colours and are an essential  part of educating the next generation of cyclists to be safe cyclists.


Cycle security is paramount these days and locks have improved over the years to suit all levels of security.

Basic cable locks are suitable for children’s bikes and low risk areas such as at home

D locks & armoured locks are suitable for higher risk areas i.e Railway stations,

We stock a diverse range of locks from basic cables up to Sold Secure Gold insurance company approved locks.

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