Here at Northwood Cycles we believe that where Claud Butler really excel is in there range of fully equipped hybrid cycles, boasting excellent quality and value for money.
In our opinion the Claud Butler Legend is the quintessential fully equiped city bike.


Claud Butler is located in the historic market town of Brigg in North Lincolnshire and the company can trace its history and experience in Cycles back over 133 years.


The story began in 1880 when Fred Hopper established a cycle repair business in a former blacksmith's shop in Barton-on-Humber, no more than 12 miles from our current location. Bicycle repairs soon gave way to manufacture and the business flourished. By 1906 F. Hopper & Co. was employing over 400 people, and by 1912 the company had developed export markets in Japan, India, South Africa and Australia. Shortly afterwards the company acquired the Elswick Cycle Company located near Newcastle, and in 1913 its name was changed to Elswick Hopper Cycle and Motor Company. In 1974 Elswick Hopper purchased Wearwell Cycles, a company so long established that reference to it could be found in the Bicycle Yearbook of 1872. In 1978 the Falcon Cycle Company was also acquired, and for some time it was operated as a subsidiary company.





About Claud Butler

In 1982 Elswick-Hopper Cycles and Falcon Cycles merged, and during the following year major changes took place in products, management and in the market. Initially the merged company was known as Elswick-Falcon Cycles, which was subsequently shortened to Falcon Cycles. Falcon Cycles limited can thus trace its heritage back to four of the eldest established cycle manufacturers in Britain F. Hopper & Co., Elswick Cycles, Coventry Eagle Cycles and Wearwell Cycle Company. Following acquisition by Tandem Group plc in November 1995, the company has gone from strength to strength, with current annual sales in excess of 300,000 bicycles. The company was then restructured in 2013 and is now named after it's flagship brand Claud Butler.



From children’s bikes to mountain, touring, city, BMX, men's bikes, women's bikes, sports bikes and specialist lightweight racing thoroughbreds. Claud Butler creates all these and more, and into each go the care and craftsmanship you would expect from a company with over a century of experience and an enviable reputation for quality.

Throughout its long history, Claud Butler has maintained its progressive approach, and its willingness to utilise developments in new materials and design. As a result, the company's range of cycles and accessories are proving increasingly popular throughout the world. The company owns and previously used a number of different brands including Falcon, British Eagle, Coventry Eagle, Townsend, Optima, Boss and  Zombie but now concentrates it's business on the Independant Bike Dealer networks with brands such as Scorpion, CBR Holdsworth and the flagship brand Claud Butler.

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