Land Rover Bikes

Land Rover bikes, created by company 2x2, have been available in the U.K for over a decade and are well established as a top quality bicycle brand. Land Rover Mountain bikes and Land Rover City bikes are designed in the U.K. and are a collaboration between Land Rover vehicle designers and established bicycle specialists. This ensures that each Mountain and City bike is instilled with Land Rover’s unique and authentic character.

Independently, fully accredited factories are selected so that each Mountain and City bike reaches the highest standards of finish and quality you would expect with a Land Rover.



Land Rover offers a comprehensive range of bikes to ensure there is one to meet your requirements. We have folding models for convenience, suspension bikes for off-road performance and light, fast multi-purpose bikes that will meet the needs of the commuter.


Here at Northwood Cycles we feel that Landrover have a range of bikes built to high standards, the 7005 grade heat treated alloy tubing gives their frames a light weight high quality finish.
With a well thought out range Land Rover are now one of our best selling brands, producing the perfect machine for anyone looking for a high quality 'mid-range' cycle.

Land Rover Style Guide

Trekking Bikes


Efficient cycling in today's environment requires a new style of bike. The application of the latest off-road technology has allowed the creation of modern, tough and reliable bikes. They are capable of withstanding the rigours of city riding or adding pleasure to a more leisurely Sunday ride in the country. Wide range gear ratios, lightweight frame materials, comfort-enhancing suspension components, fully adjustable seat, powerful brakes, luggage carrier and weather protection are all features that are available. You can select the most appropriate model for the way you ride and have confidence in a Land Rover bike.

Folding Bikes


Versatile, convenient, and lightweight, Land Rover folding bikes use tried and trusted folding technology. Light frames fitted with Shimano gears, and powerful brakes for dependable stopping in all weather conditions.  Comfortable saddles and a large range of adjustments give these folding bikes an effective range that belies their compact design. Alloy wheels and other light components mean that they can are lightweight and easy to handle for transportation.

Commuting Bikes


To meet the demands of the modern generation of cyclists Land Rover has developed a new range of products. Many of the features are aimed at making commuting by cycle safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. Fast rolling multi-purpose tyres, lightweight alloy components and strong alloy frames are all features of these bikes. They have confidence-inspiring handling on the road and off road trail, making them suitable for most general riding.

Mountain Bikes


Land Rover mountain bikes are designed to be extremely capable off-road. They have low gear ratios most suited to rough riding, powerful brakes and heavy tread tyres.  The heart of any bicycle is the frame and Land Rover bikes are constructed using the most technologically advanced materials available. These are carefully selected to create bikes with class leading off road performance and capability. They are assembled using components from the best in the world: Shimano, Sram and Suntour parts are extensively specified.  If you are looking for an introduction to the excitement of riding in the wild Land Rover will deliver.

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