COVID-19 UPDATE 10.07.2020

We are temporarily CLOSED Fridays  

     and permanently 

CLOSED Mondays


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday Open 8.30am - 5:30pm

Mondays and Fridays Closed - We will be temporarily closing on Fridays, this is to allow us to do customer repairs. The shop will not be open, Once we have reduced the repair waiting list we will re- open as usual.

We are now permanently closed Mondays

Shop hours have been reduced to allow us to service & repair cycles for you our valued customers while still providing counter sales four days a week.

We are currently unable to take walk in repairs but are running a waiting list. 

This is due to our work shop being at full capacity at the moment.

we are running a waiting list and contacting customers as soon as a repair can be booked in, so If you would like to leave us your name and contact number over the phone, we will give you a call as soon as there is available space for your bike to be repaired.

We are doing our best to regularly clean door handles, counter tops, card machines and other surfaces that may be touched regularly to help prevent the spread of the virus. We appreciate the continued support of our customers. Many thanks from the team at Northwood Cycles.

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